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Theater and creativity: fullness, emptiness and intimacy

Siamo felici di invitarvi dal 1° al 5 Maggio sulle bellissime colline di Firenze ad un 

incontro residenziale di Gestalt Internazionale.

Il workshop sarà in italiano con traduzioni in inglese e spagnolo. 

We are delighted to invite you to the International Gestalt Training on the beautiful hills around/above 

Florence, from the first to the fifth of May 2019. 

The workshop will be held in Italian with English and Spanish translation. 

Estamos encantados de invitarte a partir del 1 al 5 Mayo en las hermosas colinas de Florencia en una reunión internacional de Gestalt.

 El taller será en italiano, con traducción en Inglés y Español. 


G. Paolo Quattrini - Gestalt Psychotherapist, scientific director IGF (Gestalt Institute of Florence)

Valentina Barlacchi - Gestalt psychotherapist, theater and voice therapist (Gestalt Institute of Florence, Azioni e Contaminazioni)

 Pierluca Santoro - Gestalt psychotherapist, photo-video therapist (Gestalt Institute of Florence, Azioni e Contaminazioni)

Shobha Arturi - Gestalt psychotherapist, meditation, dance and body awareness (Florence Gestalt Institute, Azioni e Contaminazioni) 

Michele Galgani - Gestalt psychotherapist and Psy-Clown 

 The residential workshop offers the opportunity of an experiential and theoretical Gestalt training based on a phenomenological-existential approach. Through Theater and other expressive languages techniques, it will be possibleto make individual and group experiences on creativity as an art of daily life. 

The I-You communication, which is the base of the relationship with the other, inner or external, can become a true “folie a deux” instead of a reciprocal intimate meeting. 

The workshop will make it possible to grasp the difference between expressed and acted emotions and their effects on the quality of relationships. 

When I-You listen to themselves, intimacy embraces differences making them creative and makes possible the existence of emptiness and fullness as a fertile space where to grasp “the invisible” of the other with eyes of bcuriosity and good will. 

Presentation of Paolo Quattrini 

 Psychologist-Psychoterapist Scientific director Istituto Gestalt Firenze 

In the Gestalt approach, theater has an ethical meaning, that is the search for an experience that has a value, and so has life. Theather allows the explorer to create a language, in this case a behavioural language, without the limits of a communication which sticks to the formal level and does not include creativity.

It is a behavioural exploration which does not search any truth (the right, normal, appropriate behaviour) but rather the fluidity of reality. In this way we can see a wide variety of shapes that anyone can use to build significant behavioural sentences that also have ethical and aesthetic meaning.

As far as communication is concerned, being creative means taking the risk to say something new. It may seem difficult, but it is not. When you create something, it does not necessarily mean that this draws the attention of many others, except the person and the listener.

It is important that the person who invents is actually interested in the experience that she is living. This is a process where people can invent together, say and act new things, that is play. Creativity is like playing, and to play does not mean only to change the outside world, but also to change ourselves, as you cannot invent and stay the same as before.  

To whom 

The event is addressed to psychologists, social workers, counsellors, artists and anyone interested in personal awareness and development at personal and professional level. 


The workshop will take place at Casa per la Pace, in Via di Quintole per le Rose, 131, Impruneta (Florence). Casa per la Pace is a villa of the sixteen century with a wide garden and olive tree and fruit tree grove. Located in the municipality of Impruneta, Le Rose, at only 8 km far from the center of Florence (Bus n° 37 from the central station of Santa Maria Novella) and at 1.5 km from the exit of the highway Firenze Impruneta of the highway del Sole. 


When – MAY 2019

 Wednesday 1st: arrival at Casa per la Pace during the morning. Beginning of the workshop at 4 pm to 8 pm

Thursday 2nd: workshop from 10 am to 8 pm

Friday 3rd: workshop from 10 am to 8 pm

Saturday 4th: workshop from 10 am to 8 pm

Sunday 5th: workshop from 10 am to 2 pm 

Overnight accommodation and meals

 Room with two/three beds with shared bathroom: 25 € per night with breakfast and bath and bed linen included. Single room with private bathroom: 35 € with breakfast and bath and bed linen included. 

Lunch or supper: 10 € 

Lunch+supper: 20 € 

Fee of the workshop 

The workshop is free for participants coming from abroad. 

Information and reservations 

For the workshop: 

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+39 349.2394661

 For the accommodation:

 Ця електронна адреса захищена від спам-ботів. вам потрібно увімкнути JavaScript, щоб побачити її.

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Rooms reservations not after April,10th


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