Дійсний член Європейської Асоціації Психотерапії

Dear Adlerian community,


We want to thank you for your position and support regarding the terrible situation in our country. We urge you to promote this by actively expressing your position, disseminating it, and communicating it. 


Today, we face catastrophic disasters – human losses, destroyed homes, schools, and hospitals. The disaster is not natural - not a flood, a hurricane, or an earthquake. This is a war that one nation, Russia, with all its military and propaganda might, wages against another nation, our Ukraine. We are facing a flood of daily propaganda lies, a hurricane of missiles and bullets, and an earthquake of hatred. There are no sandbags or retaining walls to stop the war, a greatest man-made disaster. One can't sit it out in a basement too.

Despite this, our spirit is stronger than ever! The blood of our ancestors is boiling in each Ukrainian. The tears of our children would never let us rest until we free our land.

We do not know of any international or European organization that would continue relations with the Russians. Every day, hour and minute, the international community breaks off relations with professional Russian communities. By staying silent about the war, they are complicit in it.


This war is not a Ukrainian war. Please do not succumb to isolationism. Please confront indifference. Please find ways to continue helping the world to fight the evil of war by contacting your elected officials, by revisiting your relationships with professional organizations and individuals in the countries that kill or allow others to kill our children, by any other means.


We need you! Our peaceful future depends on you! We all depend on each other to see another day on this planet.



UAIP Presidium 



Шановні колеги!

Нагадуємо, що для більш швидкого відтворення інформації на сайті щодо активностей та заходів УСП,

У випадку розміщення інформації власноруч, інформація стане доступною для перегляду на сайті після перевірки адміністратором в максимально короткий час.